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We have developed a centralized production software that enables you to control and monitor every step of the production-line at any given moment. Our software module is a powerful tool, easy to operate and can be customized according to your production’s needs. It is a modular system that can be partially or completely integrated in your production system. Several features of our software module are:

Placing an order online by your orders department or even directly by your client through your website.

On order placement the system prepares a professional production program that contains valuable information such as material list, drawings, measurements etc. For each order the system calculates the production steps, production- and delivery time, production- and sales costs.

Once the order is finalized in the system the customer can receive all the information of the production planning, delivery time, and track his order through your website.

The collected orders are turned in to a detailed production plan and is being communicated to all the machinery and production stations at the production-line without any interference of the operators. This automated working system eliminates the chance of human error during production and increases efficiency dramatically.

The software provides status reports in different levels. From the individual production station to department management and factory management. All the reports are ordered according to the production priority.

The entire production process of component production, storage, assembly, quality control and packing is reported to the software. This transparency allows you to monitor and control the whole production.


The software creates a range of label’s that are printed out at the working stations. Each component receives its own ID and barcode.  The labels provide valuable data, position, location etc.


Each component’s error is being reported to the quality control software. When an error is detected a new component replacement will be automatically ordered eliminating production halts. Accumulated errors information allows you to analyze and improve the process.


The 2mm glass sheet is cut to size on a glass cutting table. The glass can be cut around 1-3mm larger than the MDF board that is used for the front.


A cold resin glue is sprayed on the glass and MDF board with a spray gun for the initial binding.


The edge-banded MDF board and 2mm glass are bonded together in a pressing table. This ensures all air-gaps are pushed out and the glue is evenly spread. Afterwards the bonded sheet is set to dry.


The bonded edge-banded MDF and oversized 2mm glass goes through the trimming machine to trim off the oversized glass edge at the exact same size as the edge-banded MDF, without damaging the PVC edge. The trimming machine is developed specially for this process.


After the trimming process the finished product is washed to remove dirt and residue.


At last the edges are polished manually to ensure a perfect seamless edge.

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