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Modern glass processing has made glass a remarkable material to be used in the kitchens and furniture. With its aesthetics, easy to clean and durability it has become very popular. Frontal Solutions has a range of products using our unique glass. 


Frontal Solutions offers a verity of glass finishes for cabinet fronts. Our glass is available in regular float and extra clear float (low iron). It is available in  thicknesses of 2 – 10 mm. Tempering is optional.


Our newest innovation is the Matt Glass. The special treatment of the glass creates a non-reflective surface that eliminates disturbing glares and reflections. This results in a smooth, natural and pleasant appearance of the glass.

It is also fingerprint free and scratch resistant. Unlike acid glass, the matt glass refind treatment prevents dirt from penetrating the glass surface, making it easy to keep clean.


The matt glass is highly suitable to be used as painted glass as the absence of reflections provides a more sharp and vivid colors. The matt glass is available in different grades of treatment, depending on the requirements of the application.




Painted Glass has become very popular. While white may be the most common color, the color options are endless. From soft and subtle to bright and vivid colors, the painted glass enhances the furniture’s design and creates a stunning visual effect. Frontal Solutions offers the following colors in stock:



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