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With more than 15 years of experience, Frontal Solutions is a leading developer of production line systems. Specialized in the manufacturing of bonded 2mm glass fronts and aluminum framed glass fronts for the furniture and kitchen industry.

Frontal Solutions offers a variety of services such as production-line development, software integration, automatization, product development, product sourcing and consulting. Providing a complete solution for your manufacturing demand.

Our broad knowledge enables us to increase your production-line's quality, efficiency and productivity. We have developed a dedicated production module that integrates all the production-line steps, from placing an order to production, assembly, quality control, packing and sending the product to your client.





The entire process is automated, easy to operate and remotely controlled by a powerful software. We can also of course implement only parts of our module to your existing production system to increase performances.

Frontal Solution can design and build machinery according to your production-line's demands, providing a custom production solution that fits your needs.

Frontal Solutions design and develops components and products. We can develop your existing products or create complete new products, expanding your product assortment. We also offer a direct supply of materials for the production of wood, glass and aluminum doors through our high quality suppliers.

Frontal Solutions is your partner when it comes to developing your production performances. Our expertise is your success!




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