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Precision is everything

An industry leader in the design and production of frame components since 2016, at Frontal we have developed a concept for absolute quality which forms the basis of our mission and drives us to provide our partners with innovative, technically flawless and technologically advanced products.

 We work hard to share strategies and objectives with our clients so as to bring to market a superior product. Clients also benefit from our qualified, professional technical support service designed to provide rapid and efficient responses to specific needs.

Complete range of expanding, pinning and crimping corner-joint, in steel and extruded aluminum, threaded and with internal tightening

Where quality becomes a system

Frontal provides more than a simple series of single items we provide a complete range of compatible products and accessories which allows us to supply clients with corner joint systems suited to a wealth of applications.

The key to guaranteeing the quality and functionality of a door or window system is to provide innovative, practical solutions with the highest levels of precision.

Our precision-engineered corner joints are managed with an equally precise ordering and shipping process guaranteeing efficient, on-time delivery.

When it comes to frame components, our experience is your success

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