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Experience glass surface design.

Portaglass is a unique glass coated panel for kitchen and furniture surfaces. You can use

it for cabinet fronts, drawer fronts and side panels. Portaglass appealing look and superior quality makes it the ideal surface for your next project.


Glass coating

Many panels are applied with acrylic and polymer materials to achieve a glass like appearance. However, they cannot compete with the looks and quality of real glass. Portaglass true glass coating provides a remarkable high-end finish.
The thin, extra clear, back-painted glass allows high color transmission, resulting in natural and vivid colors. The glass is available in a wide range of colors and designs.
Portaglass is also available in a matt finish, porcelain finish and a mirror coating.




Due to a special semi-tempering process, the 2mm glass coating is extremely strong and durable, making it safe and long lasting. The glass surface is highly scratch and UV resistant.

Glass surfaces are easy to clean and keep their gloss for a lifetime.


Seamless edge


By using an exclusive edging technique, the glass and PVC edges are processed to create a seamless, flush edge. Creating a clean and elegant finish.

Matching edge-band colors and aluminum edge profiles are optional.

Handle-less door design


Portaglass collection presents a handle-less door design. We offer integrated aluminum handles such as the J-handle, J-handle with glass and the C-handle. Handle-less doors create a clean and modern design.

Portaglass is also available with our wide range of CNC pull handles.

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