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Production of frame components

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Discover glass perfection


Portaglass Cabinet fronts

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Flawless surface

Many cabinet fronts are applied with acrylic materials to try and achieve a glossy look. However, it never succeeds to match the quality and perfection of real glass.

This is why we developed Portgaglass. Our cabinet fronts are covered with a 2mm glass layer, creating a flawless, high gloss surface.

Lifetime quality

Glass is a durable material that holds its vivid appearance for a lifetime. Portaglass is tough and scratch resistant.

Elegant finish

Our unique polishing process ensures a seamless glass edge, creating an elegant flush finish.


Simple yet functional, handle-less cabinet fronts give your kitchen a contemporary and sleek design.


Experience Portaglass

One sample is worth a thousand words

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Manufacture Portaglass

From now on, you can produce Portaglass cabinet fronts by yourself, using our bespoke production line. Frontal Solutions provides machinery, materials, installation and training to set up your own operation.
Portaglass production process is simple, efficient and economic.

Watch the video below to learn more.

Interested in setting up your Portaglass production line?

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